welcome to my world!

Welcome! This blog has been in my head for awhile, and I figured it was time to get it out there on the interwebz. I got a lot of inspiration to do this from my friend Jess Miller, AKA Little Miss Runshine. You can check out her super awesome blog here: http://www.littlemissrunshine.com/.

Me and my buds in NYC, waiting for a train. There was a lot of waiting for trains, and riding trains, while I lived there!

Me and my buds in NYC, waiting for a train. There was a lot of waiting for trains, and riding trains, while I lived there!

Another major motivator has been my journey to get healthy and find balance in my life. For five years college consumed my life. After college I moved to NYC and I feel like that city and doing the long distance thing with my boyfriend consumed my life. I was sort of on cruise control, and not making alot of time for myself. When I moved back to Boston in 2011 I decided it was finally time to take control. At that moment in time it meant loosing weight. I started with some yoga, dance classes, and when we moved to Brookline I even joined a gym.

Since then my personal little journey has grown into much more. Loosing weight was great, but that quickly snowballed to figuring out what exercises would keep me motivated, building strength, and combating stress and the evils of a desk job by getting in a good sweat session. About a year ago I did a wonderful program with a trainer at my gym and really took a good hard look at what I was eating, and learned how to still enjoy food, but greatly reduce the junk that I was putting in my body! This change has given me even more energy and drive, and has improved all aspects of my life.

And there are lots of non-fitness / healthy eating elements that I am using to help me stay balanced. Design, knitting, reading, my kitties, and my lovely boyfriend just to name a few!

So I figured, I might as well document this journey a little more officially and share how it is progressing. Get ready. It’s time to balance this blonde.

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