my favorite things! (december edition)

1. my new blogilates fit journal!


Blogilates is one of my favorite fitness websites to follow. It is always being updated with new workouts, recipies, inspirational stories and all around good karma. I had done a DietBet challenge that Blogilates set up, and like the commraderie of all the fellow “Popsters”. So when Cassey (the brains and beauty behind Blogilates) announced that she would be running a 90 day challenge over the holidays I knew I had to join!

The program includes 12 weeks of meal plans created by Cassey and the dietitians of, as well as a super cute journal to record everything in. I love making lists, so planning out all of my meals and workouts is fun for me. It’s made even better by the cute journal to put them in! I did a similar program about a year and a half ago, and had amazing results. Writing down everything not only holds you accountable but gives you a place to document your successes! I also realized just how much junk I was putting into my body. Plans like this are a great way to learn new meals and ways to inject better habits into your every day life.

Stay tuned! I’m only 7 days into the plan and my journal. Only 83 more to go!!! (Want to join a Blogilates meal and fitness plan!? It’s not too late! A second round begins January 1st. Check it out here!)

2. my barre-bie water bottle


A few weeks ago my good friend Jess (aka Little Miss Runshine!) asked me to help her. She wanted to make a gift for a friend’s birthday, and have it be barre related. She was thinking about a coffee mug or a water bottle and was wondering if I would design a graphic.

It took me a few days to settle on a design idea. I wanted to keep it simple, but linked to barre. The are a lot of different barre classes, but common to most everyone is the sticky bottom socks. And a barre of course! I wanted to emphasize both in pink with a silhouette of a girl holding a signature barre pose. I sent the graphic to Jess and before I knew it she had printed up water bottles! And she got one for me as well!! The pink turned a little purple in the translation to water bottle, but I think it came out pretty cool. It was a fun little design project, and now I have a cool little water bottle, double win!

3. kitten ornaments


Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things about December. I love setting up the tree and hanging lights and garland around the house. But the whole process was made a little bit more difficult this year by our 5 month old kitten, Boo. She is quite the adventurer, and curious as all get out, so I was pretty sure she would give us trouble with the tree.

It didn’t take even 5 minutes before she h  ad climbed all the way to the top of our 6′ tree. Luckily it is fake, or there would have been pine needles everywhere!!! We decided pretty quickly to not put up the ornaments and just string the lights.

As much as I would have liked the ornaments on the tree, I have to admit that the pictures that we got of her in the tree are super cute. Christmas card worthy maybe!?

4. my anon somerset ski goggles


I took up skiing pretty late in life, and have always been pretty casual about it. Ben and I have started going together in the last two years, and we would like to start going a little more frequently this winter. I have an older pair of skiis and an acclectic mix of accessories. So this year I wanted to get a new pair of goggles to help me prevent fogging and help me look super cute on the slopes! I snagged a great deal on a pair of Anon Somerset goggles on, and especially like that they have a cool, pink reflective lens. Next I need to look into a helmet and some new boots.

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