What’s better then working out, shopping, eating and raising money for charity? The combination sounded pretty awesome to me, so I signed up for last nights #SweatWorking a fitness networking event held by Eventbrite Boston at Athleta’s Newbury Street store.

We started the evening with a great 1/2 bootcamp – 1/2 barre workout lead by Meaghan Scannel, an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and Exhale, two of my favorite Boston studios! The bootcamp work was Barry’s-esque with lots of strength moves and burst of cardio to get your heart rate going. The Barre portion was a series of thigh work followed by seat work that left my legs shaking. Luckily Nora from DJour Entertainment was playing music that could keep us moving and take our mind off the burn! Live DJ’s in class are always so much fun!

After the class we got to sample products from Sweet Green, Pure Cocobeet, and Organic Living Superfoods. Believe it or not, but I had yet to try any of these before! (I feel like I may have been the last person in Boston!)

Sweet Green, has a great menu of locally sourced, organic salads. I had been wanting to try it out, but the day I tried to go to the location in Fort Point the line was out the door. After trying the Kale Chicken Ceasar I understand why. I will certainly have to try to make another trip down for lunch. I really want to try the Spicy Sabzi next!


(photo from sweetgreen)

I had heard a lot about Pure Cocobeet from my friend Jess who is in love with their cold-pressed juices. And she’s absolutely right, they are amazing. I personally liked Biome Builder and Watermelon Quench. Their location in Government Center is rumored to also have fabulous dessert such as Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding that I will definitely be checking out.


(photo from

Organic Living Superfood products have been popping up at various studios around the city, but hadn’t thought to try them. But now I wish I had!! They brought samples of all their products. I personally recommend the Chia Energy Squres and the Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Chunks. They even gave us a bag of the Chocolate Coconut Chunks to take home!! If you see these around town I suggest giving them a try! Especially as a pre- or post-workout snack! You can also buy from them online.


(photo from

choc coconut.asp

(photo from

While I was eating all of this amazing food I also was doing a little browsing at Athleta. As much as I hate to admit it, I really don’t NEED new workout clothing right now (even though some of their fall stuff is super cute!). But I am in need of a new gym bag. My trusty LUG bag is coming up on year two, and it takes quite a beating with my daily commute and how often I stuff it to the brim! Athleta had a few cute options which I tried out. I like their yoga mat holder which is a simple strap across the top. My current bag has a spot for my mat, but it only works when the bag is mostly empty, which is almost never. I will need to do some more shopping around, but these two are certainly replacement options!

gym bag 1

Athleta Warm Up Gym Bag (photo from

gym bag 2

Athleta Spring Tote (photo from

The $5 registration fee and 5% of all sales last night went toward the Jimmy Fund. It was a nice way to raise money for a good charity, try some local, healthy food offerings, and get a good sweat on! I will certainly keep my eyes peeled, and hopefully attend another #Sweatworking event in the near future!

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